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Giving Albertans a Voice

We hold events, such as community meetings and formal hearings, across the province to share information. We also want to hear from indigenous peoples, Albertans, and other stakeholders who inform our decisions about energy regulation.

Check this page for events in your area.


Hearing commissioners conduct oral, written, or electronic hearings on energy development projects. Our hearings calendar gives an update on the latest AER hearings, all of which are audio cast live.

Current Events

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Public Lands OneStop Implementation Information Sessions

The Alberta Energy Regulator is hosting information sessions in Calgary and Edmonton to educate licensees and service providers on changes being made to the application process for public lands dispositions. Effective March 2019, all applications (new applications, amendments, renewals, cancellations, reinstatements) related to the following public lands dispositions must be submitted through OneStop:

  • Mineral surface lease (MSL)
  • Miscellaneous lease (MLL)
  • Pipeline agreement (PLA)
  • Pipeline installation lease (PIL)
  • Licence of occupation (LOC)
  • Vegetation control easement (RVC)
  • Regulator Temp. Field Authorization (RFA) (Temp. Field Authorization) (TFA)

These information sessions are recommended for licensees who hold, intend to hold, or assign any type of public lands disposition as well as third-party service providers, land brokers, land agents or surface land administrators, land surveyors, and industry associations. Attendees should be familiar with the Integrated Decision Approach (IDA) and the OneStop tool.

For more information about the IDA visit the OneStop website and/or watch the AER YouTube videos

If you have additional questions about the information sessions, contact IDA-Engagement@gclub casino  

Area-Based Closure Training has been delayed until early 2019.

The AER is hosting training sessions for licensees and service providers who wish to take part in the AER’s area-based closure (ABC) program and submit planned ABC activities using the OneStop tool.

The ABC program enables a more efficient and effective closure process (from abandonment and decommissioning to reclamation) for oil and gas infrastructure, such as wells, facilities, and pipelines.

Phase two of the ABC program launches November 29, 2018, and will allow companies to report closure related activities through OneStop.

Topics to be covered in this training include the following:

  • Navigating OneStop
  • Well suspensions – initial, inspection and reactivation
  • Working interest participants (WIPs)
    • Updating WIPs when adding a new participant who does not have a business associated (BA) code
  • Abandonment of wells and facilities
  • Remediation
  • Progressive reclamation
  • Reporting target spends
  • Bulk uploads

Please note that attendance is limited to two individuals per company. We require at least five participants to run a session. If we do not have enough participants, we may cancel a session and request that you register for another. Thank you for your understanding.

Other Events

We engage with communities across Alberta by sharing information about the work that we do, helping people understand how to have their voices heard, and getting feedback on proposed changes to our requirements, to name a few ways.

Like most regulators, our requirements are often seen as complex and technical. To provide clarity to those who need it, we often host technical briefings to share updates and answer questions. These briefings take place in person or online. View past briefings on our YouTube channel.

Every year, we welcome delegates from around the world to learn about how we regulate energy resource development in Alberta. Learn more and register for our next summit.