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Data and Reports

The following maps, map viewers, and shapefiles allow users to easily locate various energy projects, activities, and approvals across Alberta. Some maps on this page are also available on OneStop, our new application processing technology.

Interactive Maps, Map Viewers, and Other Spatial Tools

Our interactive maps, map viewers, and spatial tools are designed to let you browse our data in an easy-to-use format. Built-in toolbars allow you to quickly locate an area of interest or an energy activity and find associated information.

Shapefiles and Other Spatial Data 

Our downloadable shapefiles provide spatial data for certain geological features and industry activities.

Find More Maps and Shapefiles 

Refer to our Products and Services Catalogue for a full list of maps and shapefiles, as well as information on file sizes, prices, and available formats.

The AER’s Alberta Geological Survey (AGS) has a large selection of maps of Alberta depicting surficial and bedrock geology, drift thickness, groundwater/hydrogeology, and mineral resources. To find out more, visit AGS’s Geological Maps of Alberta.

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If you have questions about these tools, or notice information is missing, please contact our Customer Contact Centre.