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As of March 2018, companies are encouraged to submit applications for all activities of a major energy project as a single, integrated application. This new process is a part of our Integrated Decision Approach, which is changing the way we review energy projects in Alberta.

What is considered a major project? 

Major projects may have a central facility and require dependent activities that need multiple authorizations across various enactments.

Major project applications are not intended for a group of activities that can be operated independently, for experimental or confidential schemes, or for separate portions or phases of a major project.

Submission and Review Process 

We recognize that major projects require more time to plan. For this reason, we encourage companies to contact us early in their project planning process to ensure their applications are complete.

Once an application is submitted, we review it to ensure that it satisfies all rules and requirements. Following our review, we will issue one decision to the company.

In some cases, companies may be asked to develop a participant involvement plan. "Participant involvement" is an umbrella term that encompasses all interactions and communication between Albertans, indigenous peoples, companies, and the AER.

Why We’re Doing This 

By grouping all applications for a major project into a single application, we can review separate elements of a project at once, rather than reviewing them one at a time over many months or years.

Our one application, one review, one decision approach also makes our application review process more transparent for anyone looking to understand the full scale of a proposed energy project.

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